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Packaging Services

From Bulk Pack to Shrink Wrap, From Stretch Wrap to Sub Pack, safely and economically transporting steel tubing is important to Hofmann as it is to our customers! Hofmann offers various means, methods, and modes of packing our tubular products. Most of our customers are delighted with our wooden bundles and bulk cartons; however for those customers who need just a little bit more, Hofmann offers a variety of solutions.

For our customers who want to trim packaging costs and optimize their factory floor, Hofmann can supply cardboard or plastic-wrapped packaging assemblies. Our packaging team works with customers to design the optimal package – whether it is a cardboard box, a tray, or whether we use the tube product to provide the structure to your package, our customers love our pre-packaged options. We’ve served customers with pre-pack assemblies in industries ranging from: grills, housewares, hardware, storage, and juvenile products

Returnable Racks
For customers with repeat items and multiple-SKU orders, our packaging professionals have designed a series of returnable racking concepts. These stackable, modular racks maximize warehouse space, ensure product traceability, and make efficient cubes for tractor trailer or intermodal transportation, reducing factory waste and ensuring that our product arrives safe every time.

Bulk Pack Bundles
Our most popular package is our packed bundles which stack, provide protection during transportation and are easy to use in our customer facilities.

Finished Goods & Fulfillment
Our customers who want a complete tube solution can rely on Hofmann to supply finished – ready-to-ship packing options as well. Our packaging group can provide a fully-packaged solution that includes customer tube, hardware components, instructions, and consumer labeling, all packed on pallets ready to ship to distribution centers.

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