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Ship from Stock Inventory Programs

At Hofmann Industries, Inc., we offer some of our large customer’s vendor-managed ship from stock inventory programs, where we keep an optimal inventory of our customer’s goods available for immediate shipment.

Our customers need to respond quickly to market demands, and having access to an inventory of finished goods allows them to provide better customer service. However, there is risk associated with keeping inventory levels both too low AND too high.

Leveraging our years as a leader in supplying tube components to various industries including office furniture, lawn & garden, housewares etc, Hofmann uses a strategic approach to inventory management that involves monitoring usage trends and using forecasting models that allow us to project future sales, calculate the most economical order quantities, and determine reorder points.

We work one-on-one with large customers to lower the cost of inventory while avoiding the risk of shortages. Our ability to control the tube manufacturing process from large coil to finished product, allows us the flexibility to respond to drop-in orders, and the ability to reclassify and repurpose obsolete inventory.

We have many successful implementations of ship from stock programs where customers take delivery of their finished goods within 24 hours. Having products on hand when our clients need them allows them to save time, reduce expenses, and compete more effectively.ely.

To learn more about our vendor managed ship from stock programs, contact us directly.

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Stocking Programs Highlights

Project Name & Description
Ship From Stock Programs
Capabilities Applied/Processes
Tube Manufacturing, Tube Fabrication, Powder Coating, Zinc Plating, Inventory Management, Customer Service, Purchasing.
Industry for Use
Various – Housewares, Office Furniture, Lawn & Garden, Fencing